Goyes ”diverse musician” aka Csaba Varga was born in 1987 in Gyor, a west Hungarian city then grew up in Kapuvár. Since early childhood music plays an important role in his life. He started throwing parties and gigs very early in his primary school years. As his older brother was the resident dj of the local dance club t here was no doubt t hat t he t alent ed young man would quickly submerge in the mysteries of club culture. His brother acted as role model sharing a lot of experience with him over the years, helping him to further develop and gain more and more hands-on knowledge. Over the years his enthusiasm didn’t ware off as he tried himself out in many musical genres to end up falling in love and finding his harmony in the universe of electronic music. He also decided not to get stuck with a single dance-music style hence he’s actively playing deephouse, funkhouse, progressivhouse, minimalt, club-house, electrohouset, tribalhouse and techno however his audience’s response and needs are ultimately influencing the musical taste of his sets. You cans spot and witness his diverse sound and musical world in his radio show “Charmed Sunday” running weekly on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm CET on PrivateBeat Fm. (www. privatebeat.fm)