My name is Robert Reisz, I’m 33 year old from Hungary, Dunaföldvár. I meet with electronic music 16 years ago, that was the point when I also decided that I want to take part of it somehow. After I experienced various kind of styles I started writing music on various programs, I took the first steps with the Dance E-Jay series, then a little later I was messing with Fruty Loops. Once I read a Forteba interview and I decided to started using Cubase SX3 and I immediately fell in love with it (I still use it nowdays). Tried Ableton too, but my technical conditions were not enough to present my ideas in the form I like to manage it.
The first feedbacks I received from my friends, who liked the stuff they heard, one of them adviced to send these tracks to a label. That time – end of 2012 – I was producing under my D.M.P. guise. A year later I set up my other alterego Robert R. Hardy with a more progressive approach. Since 2013 I’m constantly working under these two names, as a result I released a lot of materials – EP’s and remixes – on various labels, including two LP’s of mine on the hungarian Stellar Fountain Records.
I have a lot of favourite producers, but only two guys who really inspired me and my music. They are Marcelo Vasami and Silinder.
Unfortunately I didn’t have so many opportunities to play music live (DJ-ing), but when I’m on stage it always fills me with great experience.
What I really proud of that a few big names like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Marcelo Vasami, Max Graham, Armin Van Buuren, Ruben De Ronde and Faskil already played & supported my tracks. I’m glad because a lot of my works appears in dj sets around the globe.
I would like deal with music for a long time, because I absolutely love it. I received a lot – various kind – of supports from people around the scene and from my close friends, I really want to say thanks to them: Jakab László, Daku Lajos, Biró László, Dezső Dániel, Dobrocsi Krisztián, Miklós Vajda, Németh Gergő, John Drummer, Ben Hanga, Gulyás Bálint, Erich Von Kollar, Udvardy György and many others but mainly my wife who is always supporting me.